Yukon Territory National Parks Canada
Yukon Territory National Parks Canada

National Parks of Yukon Territory, Canada

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Yukon Territory's first national park was established in 1972, with the foundation of the Kluane National Park and Reserve.

In 1984, Northern Yukon National Park was born that was renamed to Ivvavik National Park in 1992.

Today, the Yukon Territory has a total of three National Parks or National Park Reserves.


Ivvavik National Park
Ivvavik National Park encompasses an area of 168.4 sp. km and is located about 800 km northwest of Whitehorse and 200 km west of Inuvik, NWT. There is no road access. Access usually is provided by charter aircraft from Inuvik. The park offers high mountains, broad river valleys and endless tundra and the Arctic seacoast. It is on the migration route of the porcupine caribou and is a major waterfowl habitat.

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Kluane National Park and Reserve
Kluane National Park and Reserve is located 150 km west of Whitehorse and encompasses an area of 22,000 sq km. The park contains unclimbed peaks, the world’s largest nonpolar icefields, crystal clear lakes, glaciers and an abundance of wildlife. It is a United Nations World Heritage Site and home to Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan (5950 m). The park is popular with hikers enjoying marked or less defined routes surrounded by beautiful scenery.

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Vuntut National Park
Vuntut National Park is bounded to the north by Ivvavik National Park and to the west by Alaska. Access to this 4345 sq km park is by aircraft from the village of Old Crow or by canoe. The park contains thousands of lakes and ponds and is visited by half a million waterfowls each fall. It is also on the migration route of a porcupine caribou herd each spring. It is also home to some archaeological sites that contain undisturbed fossil beds that date back nearly 40,000 years.

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